Electra Bicycles: Cool Rides!

Electra bicycles put the fun back in biking!

Cycling's not the exclusive property of Lycra-clad supermen who ride 30mph or risk life and limb launching themselves off cliffs! If you're more interested in fun, comfort, and appreciate a little style, too, you'll love Electra's bikes. These sweet machines are pure joy to ride and so beautiful and unique you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

The Electra Classic proves they make 'em like they used to!

With roots of near mythic proportions, the Classic is the pride of Electra. Rich, time-honored style, gorgeous two-tone paint and perfect detailing make this bike the earthly chariot of the Gods. A comfy springer fork and saddle along with a functional headlight and 7-speed internal rear hub make this sweet cruiser practical and super stylish.

Say aloha to fun aboard Electra's Hawaii!

The Hawaii (24-inch wheels) is a petite version of the popular Women's Hawaii made just for teeny Wahines under 5-feet 2-inches tall. It features a low stand-over height making flip-flop freestyling a reality for young ladies everywhere. Plus, it sports a 3-speed internal drivetrain for easy climbing.
Electra's Townie 8 is super comfortable!
For sleek lines and a classic look, look no further than the Townie 8. A Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub and slick twist shifter make easy work of the hills. And, the aluminum, laid-back frame, suspension fork and plush saddle provide a pillow-like ride. Plus, you'll love Electra's Flat Foot technology, which lets you put both feet flat on the ground whenever you want.
The Electa Swing is one classy ride!
Once upon a time, there was a bike unlike any other, with perfect lines, amazing details, rich paint and distinctive pinstriping. Today that bike lives again thanks to Electra's designers, and it goes by the name of the Swing. With its plush seat, spacious handlebars, full fenders, chainguard and tank, it's pure vintage class.
Electa's Betty is rock steady and always ready!

The 3-speed Betty is perfect for the femme fatale looking to twist her way to an easier ride. Electra knows that hot-rod chicks have style, and now these dollies don't need to borrow their guy's ride. The Betty is an original and all her own.
Electra's Revil revels in chopper style!

Stick the 3-speed into first and grab a pedal full of power. The Revil is here! From the oversize "burn rubber," dragster rear tire and custom rim, to the chopper-style seat and handlebars, you'll revel in the Revil's "look at me" styling.

Electra's Mini Rod gets him started in style!

The Mini Rod is perfect for Junior's first ride. Sharing the same custom frame found on larger Electra cruisers, this sweet bike is perfect for rides with Dad. It sports rugged steel construction, a coaster brake, heavy-duty training wheels and one-of-a-kind styling and paint job.